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From the Classroom to the Internet: New Mediums for Educational Entertainment

Despite the freedom that the American people have, a depressingly low percentage of people understand the fine inner workings of our legal system and the extent of the freedoms they are extended. In order to obtain a better grasp on this knowledge, Nathan Burney started an informative and entertaining webcomic that addresses the workings of our legal system entitled, “The… Read more →

Single Panel Comics Have Rights Too!!!

A few weeks ago in class, we discussed Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and how it could give us some definitions and basic rules to follow when reading comics and looking for interpretive language to help in our quest to figure out what comics are. What we concluded is that single panel comics such as Family Circus, are not considered comics but… Read more →

xkcd: Master of Shortform

I have never been in the habit of reading web comics.  While they can be entertaining, I usually don’t find them as compelling or fun as regular comic books or graphic novels.  In any form of entertainment, not just comics, I prefer the long form style of writing.  It lends itself well to writing developed characters and interesting stories.  However,… Read more →