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Representation through Visual Designs

Dive into a world shrouded in hues of arctic blue or explore a realm grounded in soft orange, dipped into red. In Elegy of a Dead World you are an explorer sent out into space to explore and discover three post-apocalyptic visual interpretations of poems by three Romantic poets: Byron, Shelley, and Keats.

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Creating Our Social Butterfly

As many readers of this site and fellow students of the class know, for the past week we have been creating and uploading our own webcomics to Mary Washicomics (link at the end of this reflection). This process has been really entertaining, interesting, and really enjoyable from a work stand point and also from a creative standpoint. I have mentioned… Read more →

What It Is Is Descriptive

What is story telling?  In Lynda Barry’s graphic novel What It Is, storytelling is chaos.  It is imagination and creativity.  It is images, and most evidently, it is memory.  Barry’s book is split generally into two sections.  The first contains much of her own stories and memories from childhood, interspersed with hundreds of images; the pages purposefully chaotic and all over… Read more →

What It Is?…Or What It Isn’t?

This past week our class discussed What It Is? by Lynda Berry and did the first two activities in the book to start some great class discussions. These activities although different and unique, as they go into detail on learning how to write and draw comics, really provoked not only great conversations in class but some really interesting personal thoughts. The one… Read more →

*Insert Question Here*

For the past few classes, we’ve discussed the creative writing process in hopes of sparking some fire for our original comics. One of the things we’ve talked about was the importance of continual writing. In several of the exercises we did in What It Is, Lynda Barry stressed how it was important to keep writing, to keep the pen moving.… Read more →