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The Power of the Pose

Back in 2012 when commercials and advertising for The Avengers began to saturate media everywhere, one poster in particular caught people’s attention. It peaked one artist interest so much that they choose to draw a parody image to emphasis how ridiculous the posing of women truly is by applying it to men in the movie poster. In Conor’s article about how… Read more →

Bitch Planet on Earth: The Real-World Phenomenon of Non-Compliance

A self-proclaimed feminist comic, Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Bitch Planet began making waves from the release of its very first issue, with the cover sporting the question, “Are you woman enough to survive?” above the image of a woman with both middle fingers flung above her head.  The new series, produced by Image Comics, manages both to reflect and criticize old prison exploitation films, all the… Read more →

Boobs and Butt Kicking

Women in comic books. Now in class we had a few talks about the way women were portrayed in The Watchmen. So that got me interested in the way other females were depicted in the world of comics. My finding were not very positive unfortunately.   In the superhero world women in comics seem to be powerful women. Reading closely… Read more →

Rosie and The Allusion to Female Character Complexity in Will Eisner’s A Contract with God

During class, we briefly discussed Eisner’s portrayal of women in A Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories, and someone noted how all the women tend to be either a Madonna figure or the whore. Even though I think that the female characters throughout Eisner’s book are a bit more complex than the traditional good girl/ bad girl stereotypes, they… Read more →

Manga and Proportions

Since the founding of manga in the 1940’s its portrayal of women and men characters has vastly changed, better for some and  worse for others. There are some manga that focuses more on plot and character development while others focus on artwork that will gain more readers (depending on the artists drawing style). This manga focuses on the heroine’s journey… Read more →

Women’s role in “A Contract with God”

In Will Eisner’s graphic novel “A Contract with God,” women play interesting roles in each of the stories. Ranging from minor characters, to beloved daughters, and even possible nymphomaniacs, Eisner gives us a strange view of women throughout the novel. The first woman we see playing a pivotal role is Frimme Hersh’s daughter Rachele. She seems to have been the… Read more →