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From Comics to Cartoons

  Watching Winsor McCay’s animations, Gertie the Dinosaur and How a Mosquito Operate, unless I had been told I wouldn’t have guessed it was done by the same author as Little Nemo in Slumberland. But watching them alone I would have guessed they were done by someone either super interested in writing a comic strip or a previous author. These animations came… Read more →

The Trippy World of Nemo’s Oz

In class while discussing Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo, the general consensus of the class was that the themes in the comic were “trippy” or “strange” what with the fantastical creatures appearing in Nemo’s dreams and the creepy ways that Nemo appears to “die” at the end of each comic. In a particular comic from 1905-11-12 which depicts Nemo trying to… Read more →

Style Minus Substance

I always felt that the benefit of comics and graphic novels was the ability to use words and images in equal effect to tell a story. Masereel’s The City challenged this viewpoint, but there was still a story buried in those black and white woodcuts. The stories Little Nemo in Slumberland are a series of surreal adventures undertaken but a… Read more →

For Kids?

I grew up watching cartoons with my dad. I always wondered why he enjoyed it so much. As a young adult, I look back at cartoons I watched as a child, and realize that my enjoyment of them is not just limited to the rush of nostalgia. Little Nemo reminded me forcefully of just how adult children’s entertainment can be.… Read more →

A Rarebit Fiend

In Matt Madden’s 99 Ways to Tell a Story, the 99th page is titled “Exercises of a Rarebit Fiend.” I was curious, so I looked further into the strip it is based on, Dream of a Rarebit Fiend by Winsor McCay. First stop for general research: Wikipedia. There’s some interesting basic information, particularly that it began publication in 1904. This… Read more →