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A Recycling Contract?

I sort of expected that the main character of A Contract With God wouldn’t have been rewarded for doing too little of a good thing a little too late, but what I didn’t expect was the short comic added on at the end of a young boy finding the contract and signing it himself, hence restarting the plot of the story in… Read more →

How do you Solve a Problem like Religion?

Religion has turned into a funny thing. Well, for me anyways. After reading the first part of A Contract with God by Will Eisner, I couldn’t help but see a parallel between your average Christian churchgoer and Frimme Hersh. Being raised in your typical Christian home has all the stereotypical experiences that people general associate with it, such as attending… Read more →

A Deeper Look at CwG

This week, we’ve been looking at Will Eisner’s Contract With God! One of the consistent themes we discussed were the use of visual elements to enhance meaning. I’m going to review some of our discussions on this topic, adding a few of my own examples. One instance of this was the use of lettering to add tone to the words or otherwise enrich… Read more →

Debunking Comics: Graphic Novels within the Classroom

We just finished reading A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel in class, and some interesting questions were brought up. What role do comic books have in relationship to children? Can they be educational? And how are they supposed to help students become better readers? Well, these questions are actually being asked by plenty of educators, and – fear not… Read more →

A Misleading Predator

Will Eisner’s “A Contract with God,” features one story in particular that I found the character’s to be displayed in reversed lights. The two main characters that are primarily the focal point in the story are The Super and Rosie whose relationship develops into a surprising twist. Before going into the relationship, I believe it is helpful to breakdown each… Read more →

Watch Them Watch Me: Voyeurism and Exhibitionism in A Contract With God

In A Contract With God, Will Eisner employs voyeurism and exhibitionism to make statements about urban life, humanity and the human condition, the relationship between artist and reader, and in the traditional sense of the words, sexuality. Voyeurism is at the heart of urban life in Eisner’s tenements.  Everyone is packed together to the point that privacy disappears and a… Read more →

Contract with God and the Problem of Evil

For as long as the idea of god has existed, humanity has tried to reason out what God is and is not. How does God operate, what are his/her/its characteristics? There are many different theories about God but for the purposes of this blog post I will address the God that Frimme Hersh encounters, the theistic God. The major Abrahamic… Read more →

Women’s role in “A Contract with God”

In Will Eisner’s graphic novel “A Contract with God,” women play interesting roles in each of the stories. Ranging from minor characters, to beloved daughters, and even possible nymphomaniacs, Eisner gives us a strange view of women throughout the novel. The first woman we see playing a pivotal role is Frimme Hersh’s daughter Rachele. She seems to have been the… Read more →

“Cookalein” in Dirty Dancing?

  While I was reading the rest of A Contract With God, I was struck by the similarities between “Cookalein” and the movie Dirty Dancing.  I thought maybe I was just crazy and stricken with love for Patrick Swayze after the intense Just Dance 4 game I played this weekend that features the song “Time of My Life.”  However, after… Read more →