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Connecting with Creativity

Would you consider yourself a creative individual? It can be difficult to exercise creativity when faced with the stress that comes with daily routine and obligations. However, Emily Humberson mentioned in a reflection post that “creativity encourages the ability to think in innovative and original ways- which is absolutely crucial to being successful both in academia and ‘the real world.’” It seems that being creative is beneficial,… Read more →

Down To The Letter

Having the opportunity to take part in the creation of a comic has really opened my eyes to the attention-to-detail that creating (and reading) comic texts requires. In traditional texts, every detail can be considered important, down to what beverage the character chooses to have with their breakfast. If the detail was included, the author obviously thought it was important… Read more →

What is a reflection?

For the past few weeks we have been working through the text/picture book of “What it is?” Through this discussion I’ve noticed the similarities between everyone’s thought process.  Even though at times this graphic novel has come close to giving me nightmares with it’s dark pictures, none of the images actually gave me an uneasy feeling.  I mentioned in class… Read more →

What It Is, Watchmen

I have created a story on Storify to reflect what we learned on Tuesday’s class on the two articles that we read for class. One article read into the symmetry of Watchmen while the other one read into the representation of post traumatic stress among the different characters, but especially Dr. Manhattan. Here is the public link.   On Thursday,… Read more →

What It Is: A Not So Magical Marker

While we were discussing Lynda Barry’s book What It Is, our discussion turned to when we stopped drawing. As I listened to others tell their story, I began thinking of my own; however, I did not share it during class because it I did not think that I could do it justice. Every Saturday morning, I watched the cartoon Fat… Read more →