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Are graphic novels inherently dark?

An interesting point of similarity between all the stories we have read so far is the darkness or negativity found in each story. Up until this point every graphic novel we have discussed in class has had a dark nature at least in a point of it. To prove this point that I see as being so pervasive let me… Read more →

The similarities of Akira and Watchmen

When I started reading Akira I noticed that there were quiet a few elements that seemed similar to Watchmen.   The similarities involve things like the bloodiness of the graphic novels, and the overtly violent nature in the whole storylines. Inside both Akira and Watchmen the characters seem to accept that they live in societies based in violence. In Watchmen… Read more →

What are thoughts?

On more than one occasion while reading Lynda Barry’s graphic novel “What it is” I’ve tried to pause and think about what it is exactly that unsettles me about her creative style throughout the book.  In the beginning it took a few pages in for me to shake the feeling that I was  falling down a rabbit hole. There seemed to… Read more →

Reflection: What IS It?

What is an image? What is/where is your imagination? What happens when we read a story?   Most pages in the first half of “What It Is” presents you with one or more of these kinds of questions amid strange, dreamlike, and sometimes-disturbing imagery. The book doesn’t answer them for you, but that isn’t the point. You’re meant to think… Read more →

The Complexity of What It Is

When I first started reading Lynda Barry’s “What It Is”, I was confused. It was so different to the other books we have read in class and it felt like a scrapbook with no solid point. After reading through it, one theme stuck out to me. Throughout the novel, Lynda Barry asks questions that focus on perspective and images. We… Read more →

Comics as a Medium

Unlike painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, comics aren’t necessarily made of any one material. They are more of a collage. Bill Kartalopoulos, the series editor for The Best American Comics, wrote that “comics represent a conceptual strategy that can embrace all kinds of artwork into its method.” One of the best examples of the collage style in comics, and the most literal, is What… Read more →

Improvement: a Work in Progress

I entered this class knowing little to nothing about comics, so I was rather intimidated by the idea of producing one myself. Creativity is a huge factor in such a process. I didn’t know where to begin. As a young girl, I read a lot and would often write my own stories. I also loved to draw. But as I grew older, my interests shifted;… Read more →

Creating our Social Butterfly

Coming up with our comic idea was an incredibly interesting experience this past week. I am really proud of the concept our group was able to come up with, but it was the process of coming up with it that really fascinated me. I have always had a difficult time understanding how ideas for the plot of a comic, movie,… Read more →

“What It Is” and Beyond

Initially, when I picked up Lynda Barry’s book “What It Is,” I was not exactly sure what to make of it. Its scrapbook collage style was something I had not anticipated, and to be honest, I was not overly enthusiastic about reading it. However, the more I read, I realized that there is perhaps potentially more to Ms. Barry’s message… Read more →