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Hark, a webcomic!

In her webcomic, “Hark, a vagrant!” artist Kate Beaton uses a unique style of both art and content to create one of the most popular online comic strips today. Her simple art style consisting only of pen over pencil sketches, nevertheless show emotion and depth of characters throughout. Each webcomic is a different historical, literary, or pop culture reference. I… Read more →

The rise of Battlepug

A few weeks ago, tiredandvulgar posted a blog about the rise of the webcomic. They talked about the potentially freeing aspects of creating the comics on the web, yet there are still comics which operate under ” within more traditional constraints with the ultimate intention of going to print.” I wanted to look at a particular instance of web-comic that has… Read more →

Something Borrowed

Comic artists have been dramatically impacted by the internet in what they draw, how they present it, and how they interact with their viewers and readers. Art sites, personal websites and blogs have opened doors for artists, professional and unprofessional alike, to share all sorts of comics with readers. One popular style of comic which really thrives online is the… Read more →

The Rise of the Webcomic

NOTE: Just assume these links are nsfw, independent publications mean less “decency standards” (scare quotes aaah) and more jokes that responsible adults would frown at you for telling in front of small children. There is a perennial discussion of whether or not print comics are dying, which factions taking turns saying yes they are and no they’re not . I am… Read more →