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Panels and Bubbles

  Something that has been weighing on my mind since we started the webcomics is panels and speech bubbles. We talked bout panels that always work but the examples were using panels that were all the same size. When drawing, I always struggle with what size or shape to make the panels and where to put the speech bubbles. First… Read more →

Connection of Style and Story

From artist to artist, there have always been stylistic differences in art and literature. Of course different artists have different abilities and styles, but how they use a particular style becomes prevalent in regards to the story they tell. The medium of Graphic Novels is an example of this, as artists/writers not only control the actions of a story through… Read more →

Crowdfunding in Comics

The internet has been a wonderful platform for aspiring comic artists. Anyone can get their own online space to post their work, whether it’s on a dedicated comics site such as Smack Jeeves, an art site like DeviantArt, or blogging platforms like Tumblr. Each site tends to draw a different audience, so ambitious creators will post their work across multiple… Read more →

Access Granted!: The Internet and Webcomics

I would not consider myself much of a comic book or graphic novel enthusiast. In fact, before this class I had technically never read an entire comic book or graphic novel. I have seen snippets of Watchmen and some of The Walking Dead, but where I have read comics is in newspapers and online. These short yet hilarious works on the Internet… Read more →

The Evolution of Webcomics

I got into the webcomic world in a really unconventional way. One of my favorite authors tweeted an XKCD comic and I clicked it. I was young and didn’t understand all the humor, but I worked in an office and needed something to do, so I pored over all the comics. When I ran out, I scrolled to the bottom… Read more →

Oh The Things You Will Learn…

Like some of the other bloggers have said lately, I was extremely unsure of how I would feel about this class.  I had never read a comic book in my life. I had never really looked at them and thought, “Hmm…I should check this out”.  But through this class I have developed an interest with them and I will continue… Read more →

So I Have a Webcomic…Now What?

Congratulations! If you are reading this, then chances are, you have spent copious amounts of time, and exerted copious amounts of sweat, blood, and tears in order to have a webcomic! But, you may have a problem…of not having many readers. Or, occasionally, not having any readers. So, what do you do? Well, there’s several things that you can do.… Read more →

Digital VS Print Comics

I personally am new to the comic world but this class has truly made me very curious to learn more. As we discuss digital comics and begin to construct our very own webcomics, I was intrigued by the differences between digital and print comics. Technology has taken over this world, you can do almost anything from your very own phone… Read more →