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Functions in Our Webcomics

After reading about the different functions in comics, I found it interesting that our comics incorporated these different functions, even if we didn’t purposefully mean to.  I know that in our comic, Pawprints, we had originally decided to have the uneven gutters and panels to reflect the carefree and laid back nature of the comic.  The fact that there’s a… Read more →

How To Be Creative

A lot of our focus lately, thanks to Lynda Barry’s What It Is, is centered around creativity and the creative process. I personally find this topic to  be endlessly interesting and found Barry’s approach to not only be fascinating and perplexing but also immensely helpful. Barry’s book reminds me of another book I had to read for a creative writing… Read more →

Ramsey Beyer Is Kicking Ass

When it comes to my personal knowledge of web comics, it’s limited to things like Cyanide and Happiness, Toothpaste for Dinner, and Married to the Sea. After concluding that attempting a substantive blog post around one of these comics was not what I wanted to do, I realized I needed to pick a direction. And as someone interested in gender… Read more →

Inside look in Portal 2: Lab Rat

(Spoiler alert. Read comic at http://www.thinkwithportals.com/comic/ ) Portal 2: Lab Rat is a graphic novel that released on the internet in April of 2011. It depicts the events between the end of Portal and the beginning of Portal 2. It also reveals the story of the mysterious Rattmann who is never shown but mentioned in the games. This was a… Read more →