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From the Classroom to the Internet: New Mediums for Educational Entertainment

Despite the freedom that the American people have, a depressingly low percentage of people understand the fine inner workings of our legal system and the extent of the freedoms they are extended. In order to obtain a better grasp on this knowledge, Nathan Burney started an informative and entertaining webcomic that addresses the workings of our legal system entitled, “The… Read more →

Diary of a Chronic Doodler

I’ve always liked doodling, and even made a comic series in high school that was purely for the amusement of me and my friends. We were the characters and my friends were always making suggestions about what their characters should be doing. I found it annoying at the time, it was my comic, I was the main character (of course), but when working on… Read more →

Allow Me to Brag a Bit

This week I want to brag a little bit about our comic group for Social Butterfly, specifically with regards to our line artist and our color artist, Sebastian and Kelly respectively. Sebastian has a true talent for drawing, and our comic is certainly a testament to that idea. The personal style shown has a unique look with a bit of… Read more →

Panels and Bubbles

  Something that has been weighing on my mind since we started the webcomics is panels and speech bubbles. We talked bout panels that always work but the examples were using panels that were all the same size. When drawing, I always struggle with what size or shape to make the panels and where to put the speech bubbles. First… Read more →

Creating Our Social Butterfly

As many readers of this site and fellow students of the class know, for the past week we have been creating and uploading our own webcomics to Mary Washicomics (link at the end of this reflection). This process has been really entertaining, interesting, and really enjoyable from a work stand point and also from a creative standpoint. I have mentioned… Read more →

Improvement: a Work in Progress

I entered this class knowing little to nothing about comics, so I was rather intimidated by the idea of producing one myself. Creativity is a huge factor in such a process. I didn’t know where to begin. As a young girl, I read a lot and would often write my own stories. I also loved to draw. But as I grew older, my interests shifted;… Read more →

The Importance of Webcomics

As the 21st century progresses, there has been a push now more than ever for this to be moved from a hard copy, paper format to a easily accessible digital format. With this new online platform, independent films, shows, literature, and comics have room to grow and can reach an audience that independent, underground material could not before the rise… Read more →

Connecting with Creativity

Would you consider yourself a creative individual? It can be difficult to exercise creativity when faced with the stress that comes with daily routine and obligations. However, Emily Humberson mentioned in a reflection post that “creativity encourages the ability to think in innovative and original ways- which is absolutely crucial to being successful both in academia and ‘the real world.’” It seems that being creative is beneficial,… Read more →

The Beauty of the Webcomic

I would like to start out by saying that I have never read any widely circulated popular American comics such as, Superman or Spider-Man. However, that fact aside I have read quite a bit of manga and webcomics over the last few years. And one of the aspects of webcomics that I especially love is seeing how an artist’s art… Read more →