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Reflection: Web Comic Process

I really enjoyed the process of making the Web Comic overall. It was really cool for me because I wasn’t directly involved in the creative process however, I saw the beginning stages of all the comics. It was also eye opening to see how many stages it took to get a Web Comic up and going. From the initial braining… Read more →

Are Newspaper Comics Dead?

The death of print has been unavoidable for some time now. Many newspaper companies have had massive layoffs over the past ten years. They are losing more and more subscribers and the cost to print is becoming far more than the money made.   The New Orleans Times announced layoffs of three dozen employees recently; the Los Angeles Times is… Read more →

Creating a Comic

When I first heard that we were doing a web-comic in this class I got very excited. I have always found web-comics fascinating, and completely tooting my own horn, have had an idea I thought would be good with one for ages, the only problem: I cannot draw to save my life. So upon hearing about the assignment, I had… Read more →

The Importance of Webcomics

As the 21st century progresses, there has been a push now more than ever for this to be moved from a hard copy, paper format to a easily accessible digital format. With this new online platform, independent films, shows, literature, and comics have room to grow and can reach an audience that independent, underground material could not before the rise… Read more →

Workout for Creativity

This past week our class has started to work on our web comics. I figured for this week’s reflection I would write about my experience with the process thus far because it is something very new to me. Thinking back on my life, I do not believe I have ever written a comic, and if I have, it would have… Read more →

Hark, A Vagrant: A Gateway to History and the Literary Canon

Many people do not enjoy reading history or literature. The web comic Hark, A Vagrant by Kate Beaton, however,  includes hundreds of comic strips, pages, and drawings featuring historical and literary figures. The website that houses the comics allows a visitor to choose comics by category, or the visitor can choose to view comics at random. This is an interesting feature because,… Read more →

Subnormality: Multitudes of Style

Winston Rowntree’s SUBNORMALITY! is a web comic which deals with social, cultural, or even political dilemmas, either humorously or dramatically. However, Rowntree’s comics are most notable in how they play with both visual and textual styles to either impart a message or tell a story. While some things remain constant, such as the art style, elements such as panel count, the use… Read more →

Sprite Comics: The Unspoken Medium

If you were ever a fan of Mega Man, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Bionicle, or Sonic the Hedgehog (especially Sonic the Hedgehog), then you’ve probably run across a sprite comic or two. Although most sprite comics come across as low-quality fanfic material, this variation of the web comic carries its own history and nuances. For those not in the know, “sprites”… Read more →