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The Trouble with Omnipotent Characters

  Graphic novels often feature protagonists and other characters capable of performing godlike feats beyond human comprehension. While these characters are certainly impressive to behold, they can also cause a graphic novel to succumb to certain narrative pitfalls. After all, if a character is all-powerful and cannot be defeated how can there be any sense of urgency to the story?… Read more →

A Comic Within A Comic – That’s So Meta

The relationship between the plots of Tales of the Black Freighter and the developments in Watchmen is one of the most interesting features of Watchmen. It was clear to me that the role of Bernie sitting at the news stand, where breaking news is related but doesn’t occur, was made to separate the pirate tale from the action while acting as a foil for… Read more →

Sexual Content: Graphic Novels vs. Books

I still remember the day someone took my copy of Watchmen and waved it in front of my math class claiming I was reading pornography. I was lucky to have a teacher who knew what Watchmen was and explained to this student that, no, it wasn’t pornography, it was literature. If it had been another teacher or administrator, I would have gotten in… Read more →

Reflection 2: Jon’s Optimism

This week, finishing the last chapters of Watchmen was rather difficult for me. I think Watchmen was interesting in the beginning but, as the chapters went on too many different plots sprung up, to easily keep up with the plot. I was also rather frustrated with the jumping back and forth between time lines. I realize this kind of illustration… Read more →

Same Scene Different Meaning  

At the end of Watchmen there was a particular panel that caught my attention. It showed the same street corner that was a center of many panels throughout the graphic novel, however it had radically changed since the stories start. There are some main differences that are important to notice between the old and new street corners. Let’s start with… Read more →

How Hard is it to Say, Spoiler Alert?!

I don’t want to say Watchmen was ruined for me, but my enjoyment was hindered due to someone spoiling a major/minor part of the graphic novel. I understand the comic came out in 1986 – 1987 and the movie came out in March of 2009. So, in the Spoiler’s defense maybe I should have read the comic or seen the movie… Read more →

Dr. Manhattan Needs to Suit Up

I entered the universe of Watchmen knowing only one thing: there’s a naked blue man. Beyond that I knew nothing of the plot, other characters, or how to say Rorschach (when he was called ‘Raw Shark’ was one of my favorite parts). Three chapters in I was frustrated with all the characters (mostly with Dr. Manhattan), I found that none of them… Read more →

The Inkblot Test

In our recent discussions on Watchmen, we’ve discussed at length in class on the development of the character Rorschach. Chapter six in particular has shows the most of Rorschach’s psychology and how he interprets his own behavior. Prior to Rorschach’s first interview with Dr. Malcolm, it is revealed that the vigilante Rorschach is the doomsday protester Walter Joseph Kovacs. As… Read more →