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Reading “The City” by Masereel was a nice way to start the class. I liked easing into things by looking at each picture, though I did find myself searching for some sort of story line and felt a little disconnected from the work because of its apparent lack of one. As an English major, I automatically look for that connection,… Read more →

Life In and Of the City

While we were discussing “The City” by Frans Masereel one discussion point really caught my attention. Alot of people had ideas on whether or not there are main characters who appear in several panels but not in sequence. When we think about what’s essential for a novel, one of the first things that comes to mind is characters. A novel… Read more →

Looking For a Narrative

Die Stadt is an interesting Graphic Novel. So interesting that it’s ability to be called a graphic “novel” comes into question. Does it have a narrative? Can something without a narrative be called a novel? If not, then why is this series of images so interesting? These questions popped into my mind during our class discussion on this piece and… Read more →

Man in the Image(s) of the City

The classes discussion of Masereel, Frans The City (Die Stadt) was as diverse as could be expected from such a textless work. The distinct lack of explanation lead the reader to  form their own, which many of us did, with either a few images in a row or by cherry picking a few that were spread out to forum a narrative that… Read more →