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The Incredible Oversaturation of Superheroes

In 2004 there were five notable comic book superhero films, Spider-Man 2, Blade: Trinity, Catwoman, The Punisher, and Hellboy, as well as one original superhero-inspired film that made far bigger waves than its comic book counterparts, The Incredibles. The Pixar film became a near instant classic to kids and adults alike in hero film flair, soaring in reviews and box office earnings. From… Read more →

Golden Boy: The Cap 60 years later

  A man in a uniform always makes a statement. Especially when he’s a 6’2 , 220 pounds of pure muscle, all American boy, super solider. Captain America isn’t only  the favorite  son of the United States, he is also the Golden Boy of the Golden Age of Comics. Which is something spectacular considering that Captain America has been a… Read more →

The Amazing Super-Hero Experience

As ridiculous as it might sound, Peter Parker’s life is a great example of how being a super hero would actually kind of suck. Parker was just your average nerd, pretty quiet and not so stellar with the ladies – probably your standard first world problems. However after being bitten by a radioactive spider, Parker still has all those everyday… Read more →

Hero or Villain?

Some heroes and villains, like Batman and Joker, are easy to tell which side they’re on. But there are those in the comic book world who aren’t as easily classified. General Thunderbolt Ross of Marvel Comics is a member of the United States military, constantly hunting the Hulk. Despite not being seen as a criminal, he was named IGN’s 71st… Read more →

Sex Sells: Sex and Violence in Comic Books

Blog #2 Both sex and violence are very common in today’s popular culture, and especially in today’s Comic Books. Either someone is interested for the fact that they enjoy sex and violence, or they are simply curious about sex and violence but regardless of the reasoning, it sells! Sex and violence are one of the top sellers, period. Sex is… Read more →

Press ‘R’ to Restart

Many a times people read a comic or book, or watch a show or film, and thought to themselves “What happens if this or that happened instead”. Some people manage to grow up and get into the industry, and then make stories for their beloved characters. But do this one too many times, and it might be impossible to change… Read more →

Super Human

One of the most fascinating characteristics I find about Batman is that he is the symbol of what humans can be. Unlike Superman, Batman was born as an ordinary human being, and his desire for justice motivated him to work become one of the greatest heroes in the world. He may not be able to fly, read minds, or go… Read more →