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Our Hero Morales

Peter Parker is one of the biggest names in comic books ever since his entry into MCU canon in 1962. Parker’s heart wrenching past, the death of his Uncle Ben and the loss of his girlfriend Gwen, endeared him to comic book readers just as much as his awesome powers and acrobatic prowess  made his enjoyable to watch on the… Read more →

Watchmen Shouldn’t Be the Only Superhero Comic in the Syllabus

Watchmen isn’t the last word on the superhero genre. Neither is The Dark Knight Returns. Superhero comics aren’t just places for gritty “realism”, anti-heroes, and moral compasses damaged beyond repair. They can be full of wonder, optimism, and act as an escape from a world that is becoming full of darkness and evil without insulting readers’ intelligence. So if you’re tired of election ads or the 24 hour news cycle, here are some superhero comics that are… Read more →

A fan for all comic movies.

  When it comes to comics and movies it seems that there is no middle ground for fans, either the movie was just as good as the comics or it was terrible and should be cast off as if it was afflicted with leprosy.  This is more prevalent online than anywhere else, but is that a fair statement to make.… Read more →

The Comics Code Authority: Rise, Resistance, and Downfall

(Warning: the links concerning underground comics, while informative, contain graphic images related to sex and drugs. If this makes you uncomfortable, then DO NOT click the provided links. However, no such images have been reproduced on this blog post, so I suggest you at least read what I’ve written. Enjoy). All forms of media have had their detractors. Video games… Read more →

Spiderman: Old vs New

Major spoilers Over the decades comic books have gotten more and more publicity; becoming a respected form of literature, telling in depth stories that in a different  format than traditional books. As time progresses comics become less focused on the action itself and more on character development; their complicated pasts, moral dilemmas, and their everyday interactions with friends and family.Case… Read more →

The Amazing Super-Hero Experience

As ridiculous as it might sound, Peter Parker’s life is a great example of how being a super hero would actually kind of suck. Parker was just your average nerd, pretty quiet and not so stellar with the ladies – probably your standard first world problems. However after being bitten by a radioactive spider, Parker still has all those everyday… Read more →

Super Hero Time

I have noted a difference between American comic book superheroes and Japanese tokusatsu superheroes. Tokusatsu is a term for live action with special effects, like in the Godzilla movies. Not only is there a difference in the form of media, there is a difference in the way they are presented. In the United States, we have superheroes from DC and… Read more →

Hero or Villain?

Some heroes and villains, like Batman and Joker, are easy to tell which side they’re on. But there are those in the comic book world who aren’t as easily classified. General Thunderbolt Ross of Marvel Comics is a member of the United States military, constantly hunting the Hulk. Despite not being seen as a criminal, he was named IGN’s 71st… Read more →