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Watchmen and the Never Ending Nature of Superhero Stories

A reason that superhero comics stories can be hard to get into are their long running nature. For example, if you’re a Superman fan and want to get into his comics, where do you start? Do you begin with Action Comics #1 from DC Comics’ recent New 52 reboot or Superman #1 or Superman Unchained from the same reboot? Or do you go further back and start with Grant Morrison and Frank… Read more →

Twisted Love & Naked Sins

As I was reading the Watchmen, I couldn’t help but notice the varying romantic relationships and portrayal of love. Laurie has multiple relationships with Dr. Manhattan, Nite Owl, and a very short flirtation-ship with the Comedian. Laurie is 16 when she starts her long-term relationship with Jon who is 30 at the time. Jon was already in a relationship with… Read more →