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Self-Discovery in Fun Home

I actually first discovered Fun Home last Spring, when a Broadway-obsessed friend showed me a clip from the Tony Awards in which cast members of the musical version of the book sang the song Ring of Keys, in which a young Allison Bechdel has a moment of self-discovery upon seeing a butch woman for the first time, desiring the freedom to act… Read more →

Too Far?

While reading Contract with God, I was struck by the intense sexuality shown in it. After thinking about it for a while, I asked myself, where’s the line? At what point do graphic novels go too far? Can they?? To answer this question, I decided to look at A Contract with God, particularly The Super and the girl. The biggest… Read more →

Banned Books

Hearing the words “banned book” nearly always brings about the comparison to Fahrenheit 451, and how closely banning and burning seem to be. Graphic novels are no exception on the long list of literature that finds itself each year on a library’s chopping block; perhaps, often, more so do to the very medium in which it represents its entire story.… Read more →

Watch Them Watch Me: Voyeurism and Exhibitionism in A Contract With God

In A Contract With God, Will Eisner employs voyeurism and exhibitionism to make statements about urban life, humanity and the human condition, the relationship between artist and reader, and in the traditional sense of the words, sexuality. Voyeurism is at the heart of urban life in Eisner’s tenements.  Everyone is packed together to the point that privacy disappears and a… Read more →