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The Novel in Graphic Novel – Where Do We Draw the Line?

In our discussion of what makes a comic/graphic novel, we looked at several definitions, some of which seemed pretty solid. Scott McCloud, in Understanding Comics defines comics as “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer.” This is a rather serviceable, if simple and in the case… Read more →

Single Panel Comics Have Rights Too!!!

A few weeks ago in class, we discussed Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and how it could give us some definitions and basic rules to follow when reading comics and looking for interpretive language to help in our quest to figure out what comics are. What we concluded is that single panel comics such as Family Circus, are not considered comics but… Read more →

What is the original?

For my blog post this week I want to focus on the Scott McCloud reading we did: “Vocabulary of Comics” in Understanding Comics. One of the reasons I choose this particular topic to talk about is because, as an English major, we are always finding something to analyze. Whether this be understanding what a particular phrase or line means, understanding… Read more →

When Creating a Comic…

When looking to begin the creation of a comic book, many people don’t know where to look for the basics. Scott McCloud authored abook called Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art in order to help those looking to make their own comic books, delving into what makes them a unique medium. McCloud goes through the beginning of how to not only draw,… Read more →

Understanding Stories

It’s easy to over-saturate any comic book conversation with McCloudian theories, so I’m semi-hesitant on spending more time on what he has to say for the sake of keeping variety in this blog. But when I was flipping through Making Comics I came across a chapter that very much added to my understanding of story telling in general, not just… Read more →

Pros and Cons of Spatial Juxtaposition in Comics

As Scott McCloud wrestles with the definition of “comics” in chapter one of Understanding Comics, “Setting the Record Straight,” he come up with “sequential visual art” as a plausible definition for comics.  However, as pointed out by a member of McCloud’s audience, who appears to be a silhouette of Bugs Bunny, that definition does not distinguish comics from animation. This… Read more →