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Rosie’s Demonization

In Will Eisner’s “The Super,” the titular character is fairly well fleshed out for a story that takes up all of about twenty-six pages in Eisner’s Contract with God.  He’s not a particularly good or even nice landlord, and is often shown insulting his own tenants, and failing to complete his duties as landlord, drawn then as a rather gross,… Read more →

Bad Reasons, Used Well: Assigning Blame in Will Eisner’s “The Super”

So this week we’ve been talking about Will Eisner’s “A Contract With God” in class, and most recently we discussed “The Super”.  It is clear that Eisner is a master of his craft, not just as a visual artist, but as a storyteller. While the plot of this particular chapter isn’t especially complex, Eisner manages to really make us think,… Read more →

Reflection on Rosie

  One of the things that stuck with me the most during our discussions last week of Eisner’s Contract With God, was our discussions about “The Super,” and more specifically how we all had such varying opinions about Rosie and what Rosie’s intentions were during that story. What I found so particularly interesting about this discussion was how varied the… Read more →