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One Last Hoorah

As our Final Project donned upon us, I began to reminisce about this past semester studying comics, graphic novels, comic art, and all of visual literature. Being my first class involving this information I have to say the first couple weeks were very challenging. Will Eisner’s A Contract with God  threw me out of sorts for sure. It’s complex narrative… Read more →

Ring of Keys

I actually read Fun Home several weeks ago, while working on UMW’s production of Noises Off. During one act, I needed to be seated behind a giant stair unit, and I wasn’t able to move until the act ended. So, for roughly 45 minutes, I had time to read. I chose to bring Fun Home with me, since it was one of the smaller books we… Read more →

Fun Home reflection: Sara Francis

Fun Home has been an interesting bit of material to read. Often with books and graphic novels, the stories we are discussing are works of fiction, and while they have a heavy influence from the authors life, fiction is still in the area of dismissal. We can look at it and go ‘wow, that’s awful, these people are terrible characters,’… Read more →

Fun Home – Art/Text

After completing Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, I found it to be an incredibly insightful and intriguing read. The autobiography has won many awards, proving it to be accepted and read by many. However, it has also run into issues regarding underlying themes, such as pedophilia, gay and lesbian characters, and nudity. I don’t believe this book has great amounts… Read more →

Reflection: Web Comic Process

I really enjoyed the process of making the Web Comic overall. It was really cool for me because I wasn’t directly involved in the creative process however, I saw the beginning stages of all the comics. It was also eye opening to see how many stages it took to get a Web Comic up and going. From the initial braining… Read more →

Seen and not…Read?

When it comes to writing – short stories, poems, books – I’ve never had an issue with creating my characters, building my plot, imagining a setting. With this web comic, though, that was surprisingly difficult. With this, not only did I have to help create an entire story, but I had to use something other than words – art. Which… Read more →

Diary of a Chronic Doodler

I’ve always liked doodling, and even made a comic series in high school that was purely for the amusement of me and my friends. We were the characters and my friends were always making suggestions about what their characters should be doing. I found it annoying at the time, it was my comic, I was the main character (of course), but when working on… Read more →

Pixel People

Creating comics must be difficult. Otherwise, everyone would do it. Since reading the web comic project description, I felt like I was at a bit of a disadvantage — I’m no artist. But, I was put in charge of creating the main character, Alex, in my group’s web comic, Quest In Progress. Our comic is stylized as a throwback to… Read more →