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Donald Duck Fever

So, this week has really had my mind in the gutter. Specifically the shapes of gutters in comics. And since we’ve been talking about Donald Duck and those comics, it’s been really interesting where my mind jumps with other panel breaks and how those are seen as serious versus funny etc. The discussion in class and the assignment for Wednesday… Read more →

Mr. Sandman meets Little Nemo

While I would never pretend that Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman appear very similar, I could not help but think of how both authors depict the “dreamworld”. In class we talked about panels that we found to be disturbing or ‘trippy’, and I couldn’t help but make comparisons with how dark and haunting both graphics are. Sandman, a far more modern spin… Read more →

Subnormality: Multitudes of Style

Winston Rowntree’s SUBNORMALITY! is a web comic which deals with social, cultural, or even political dilemmas, either humorously or dramatically. However, Rowntree’s comics are most notable in how they play with both visual and textual styles to either impart a message or tell a story. While some things remain constant, such as the art style, elements such as panel count, the use… Read more →

Thinking Outside the Box:Dynamic Paneling

Panels act like the lens of a camera, limiting the reader’s access to the diegetic world of the narrative. Mostly they are taken for granted as basic shapes that serve to separate individual moments and views. Sometimes, however, an artist will subvert traditional paneling and give the divisions between the images a whole new meaning.   This happens in Eisner’s A Contract with God on… Read more →