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Watchmen, Akira, and the Shadow of Nuclear Power

This week in class, Professor Whalen drew a brief parallel between Watchmen and Akira, being two definitive comics works we’d recently studied. I hadn’t ever thought of comparing the two before, though other people in the class have, but I realized that the two comics have some interesting similarities, despite being written in different cultures. Particularly, I was interested in… Read more →

What Does Nuclear Mean to You?

The dropping of the two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki forever changed the world as we knew it. Suddenly countries were battling in a cold war over a nuclear arms race, and widespread panic over nuclear weapons and radiation fallout spread like wildfire. What also was changed, was pop culture , and specifically¬†for this article, comics. In America, nuclear… Read more →

Fallout the Sequel to Watchmen?

  Have you ever wondered what would become of the world if Watchmen had ended differently? Maybe Ozymandias didn’t have the chance to attack New York, maybe someone stopped him or he changed his mind, maybe the attack didn’t work. Maybe Dr. Manhattan didn’t take the blame. Maybe the Cold War actually started. Well, I have thought about it. And… Read more →