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Depth Prescription: Graphic Novel

Growing up, I read quite a few comic books. I was the kid browsing comic book bins every weekend, and had a great relationship with my local shop owner.  I started as a huge fan of Alien vs. Predator, all if its related incarnations, Mortal Kombat, and various Marvel franchises. Big guns? Ninjas? Superheroes? Aliens? That was my schtick. I… Read more →

Representation through Visual Designs

Dive into a world shrouded in hues of arctic blue or explore a realm grounded in soft orange, dipped into red. In Elegy of a Dead World you are an explorer sent out into space to explore and discover three post-apocalyptic visual interpretations of poems by three Romantic poets: Byron, Shelley, and Keats.

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It Is Reader Involvement

Since opening What It Is, I’ve been enthralled. The collage art style combined with simple, thick-lined doodles reminds the audience of childhood from the beginning, which enhances the narrative of a child growing up. The narrative is further broken down into portions of remeniscing on both the speaker’s and the audience’s childhood, divided by sections exploring complex subjects like the relationships between the imagination, the… Read more →

Text Bubbles: What Are they Even For?

Text bubbles normally contain a description of the action, the back story or dialog, but that is not all that they can contain or do. Sometimes the authors take special care to integrate the text into the art so that the graphical narrative and the textual can work alongside one another rather than compete for the reader’s attention. One version of… Read more →