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Colors in Comics

Many times when we read comics we don’t take the time to pay attention to the colors that are associated with entities in the comic world. We sometimes lose ourselves in the plot and tend read at such a pace that we lose sight of the detail that is in the comic. It’s hard to step back and look at… Read more →

Super Hero Time

I have noted a difference between American comic book superheroes and Japanese tokusatsu superheroes. Tokusatsu is a term for live action with special effects, like in the Godzilla movies. Not only is there a difference in the form of media, there is a difference in the way they are presented. In the United States, we have superheroes from DC and… Read more →

Death is the Only Escape in Watchmen

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been reading Watchmen for the first time, and I must say that I’m totally captivated by how dark the graphic novel is.  Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have a unique way of creating beauty through rather morbid storytelling—I can see how Watchmen sort of kick started the “Dark Age” of comic books in the… Read more →