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Accuracy of Mental Illness in Swallow Me Whole

After reading Swallow Me Whole, I was interested in looking at the graphic novel’s overall representation of mental illness but specifically its how it translates schizophrenia onto graphic images. I don’t pretend to be an expert on mental illness at all also, so anyone reading this with more knowledge on the subject please feel free to chime in. So Swallow Me Whole… Read more →

When Life Swallows You Whole

Recently in our class we read Nate Powell’s brilliant graphic novel, Swallow Me Whole.  The art alone in the graphic novel is magnificent, as is the story line, but what stood out most to me was the treatment of psychological disorders within the story.  One of the main characters, Ruth, is diagnosed with schizophrenia along with obsessive compulsive disorder.  Her odd… Read more →

“Someone has freed the lunatics;” Comics and Depictions of Mental Health

Comic books and graphic novels have a unique opportunity to explore mental illnesses, through their visual and textual elements. Often though, mental disorders are used simply to give villains a reason to be villainous. In 2011, the NY Times published an article hoping that DC’s new releases would address characters with proper labels and be more aware of how they… Read more →

Inside look in Portal 2: Lab Rat

(Spoiler alert. Read comic at http://www.thinkwithportals.com/comic/ ) Portal 2: Lab Rat is a graphic novel that released on the internet in April of 2011. It depicts the events between the end of Portal and the beginning of Portal 2. It also reveals the story of the mysterious Rattmann who is never shown but mentioned in the games. This was a… Read more →