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Easter Egg Hunt

With the uprising of graphic novel movies, there has been an increase in Easter Eggs crossing over between the story arches. Wikipedia describes Easter Eggs as, “an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in an interactive work such as a computer program, video game or DVD menu screen. The name has been said to evoke the idea of a… Read more →

Transmedia, Superhero Movies and Comic Books

Over the years, storytelling has expanded across multiple types of media. This idea of transmedia content has greatly affected the world of comic books and how we see our favorite characters. These days new superhero movies are coming out every year that bring a light to characters that were only before found in comics. When producing movies like The Avengers… Read more →

The Power of the Pose

Back in 2012 when commercials and advertising for The Avengers began to saturate media everywhere, one poster in particular caught people’s attention. It peaked one artist interest so much that they choose to draw a parody image to emphasis how ridiculous the posing of women truly is by applying it to men in the movie poster. In Conor’s article about how… Read more →

Can You Turn a Man into a Woman?

In real life, we do know that the answer to this question is yes, biologically we can change a man into a women. Does the same apply for changing the gender of a well known, iconic figure in superhero lore. Marvel did just this in 2014, releasing a female Thor comic into the public. I ,for one, say its about… Read more →

Deep, Dark, and Personal: Gritty Realism in Marvel’s Alias

A woman sits on a toilet, pants around her ankles, and her mind deluged with a mess of jumbled, paranoia-induced thoughts about her latest misadventures.  Several issues earlier, the same woman sits passed out at a bar, a still-smoking cigarette in one hand, and a glass of half-drunk liquor sitting near the other.  Between these instances are moments that include… Read more →

The Incredible Oversaturation of Superheroes

In 2004 there were five notable comic book superhero films, Spider-Man 2, Blade: Trinity, Catwoman, The Punisher, and Hellboy, as well as one original superhero-inspired film that made far bigger waves than its comic book counterparts, The Incredibles. The Pixar film became a near instant classic to kids and adults alike in hero film flair, soaring in reviews and box office earnings. From… Read more →

The Beauty of the Webcomic

I would like to start out by saying that I have never read any widely circulated popular American comics such as, Superman or Spider-Man. However, that fact aside I have read quite a bit of manga and webcomics over the last few years. And one of the aspects of webcomics that I especially love is seeing how an artist’s art… Read more →

Disassembly in Alias #2

Within this original page of Alias #2, written by Brian Michael Bendis, drawn by Michael Gaydos, and produced by Marvel Comics, the central character, Jessica Jones, is panicking in reaction to something she has just seen, and accidently caught on tape. What she believes she was setup to have caught on tape is Captain America, without his identity hidden. Through… Read more →

A Cheery Ball of Sunshine and Pain

  Since the very beginning comic books about superheroes have always been drastically tailored to fit their audience at that time. At the start of superhero comics, the end of the Great Depression, the desire was just for light hearted stories where good always won out over evil. It was very in-line with all of pop culture at the time.… Read more →