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Breaking Free From the Comics Code

In 1954, the Comics Magazine Association of America formed the Comics Code Authority (CCA), an alternative system to government regulation that allowed comic book publishers to self-regulate the content of their comic books in the U.S. The code was commonly called “the Comics Code,” it was widely used until the early 2000s. Comic publishing companies would submit their comics to the CCA, who would… Read more →

Color: Subliminal and Powerful

The first aspect of a comic that most people notice is the visual artwork. In polychromatic comics, color usage is a significant component in engaging the reader and effectively communicating key features of the story. One of the important functions of color is to identify characters and distinguish objects from each other. In comics, the fictional world exists in panels. By ‘assigning’ specific colors to each… Read more →

Golden Boy: The Cap 60 years later

  A man in a uniform always makes a statement. Especially when he’s a 6’2 , 220 pounds of pure muscle, all American boy, super solider. Captain America isn’t only  the favorite  son of the United States, he is also the Golden Boy of the Golden Age of Comics. Which is something spectacular considering that Captain America has been a… Read more →

Why Doesn’t Comic Violence Transfer Over

With the rise in big, block-buster Marvel superhero films coming out in quick succession, many avid fans such as myself turn to the original source material to tide ourselves over until the next installment of the Avengers, or the next Captain America movie comes out. Unfortunately, there are several difference between the comics and the film adaptations, a notable one… Read more →

Marvel or D.C: Choose Your Alliegence

  In the comics community there has always been the age old question: D.C. or marvel? If you don’t manage to pick a side in this war waged in online forums and Reddit threads you might be confused why this conflict exists in the first place. Everyone has their own favorite characters, storylines, series, etc. For various reasons comic book… Read more →

Watchmen Shouldn’t Be the Only Superhero Comic in the Syllabus

Watchmen isn’t the last word on the superhero genre. Neither is The Dark Knight Returns. Superhero comics aren’t just places for gritty “realism”, anti-heroes, and moral compasses damaged beyond repair. They can be full of wonder, optimism, and act as an escape from a world that is becoming full of darkness and evil without insulting readers’ intelligence. So if you’re tired of election ads or the 24 hour news cycle, here are some superhero comics that are… Read more →

The Stronger, the Better

Clearly, taking a graphics novel class would lead students to read more comics. It’s the only way to really understand what the professor’s trying to explain in each lecture. Everything from the style of the comics to the length of the story has an explanation of why the author created such a story. Readers don’t always get the message but… Read more →

Super Hero Time

I have noted a difference between American comic book superheroes and Japanese tokusatsu superheroes. Tokusatsu is a term for live action with special effects, like in the Godzilla movies. Not only is there a difference in the form of media, there is a difference in the way they are presented. In the United States, we have superheroes from DC and… Read more →

The Fantasies of DC and Marvel

  In this blog, I will explain the main differences I see in both the DC and Marvel Universes. The main difference I see with the two universes is that the DC universes seems to have more of a “traditional” fantasy to it. While on the other hand, Marvel’s universe also has fantasy in it but is a lot more… Read more →