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アート(Bijutsu) to Art: Manga Scanlation in America

Like many other fans of manga, I read many manga series online as well as buying the books themselves when they are (finally) released officially in America. Oftentimes the “official” translation and the “scanlation” differ greatly, resulting in a great difference of quality and accuracy in translation and image overall and are hilarious. Many blogs have discussed the legal relationship… Read more →

The Game of Adaptation

Don Quixote, Metamorphosis, Infinite Jest. These are just three novels that have been adapted visually by those who have a vision. A vision of how certain characters really look, when descriptions in the novel of their choosing isn’t very clear or just ignored by one’s imagination. There have been hundreds of graphic novel adaptations done and many more continue to be… Read more →

Westernizing Manga: Akira and Genre Shifts

Manga is pretty popular in western culture in 2015. And has been for sometime, starting in the mid-1980s. Comic books and manga started becoming more “mainstream” popular together at this point, and Akira definitely led the charge for the manga side. In part because of the movie that came out in 1988, and followed a condensed version of the first volume… Read more →

Defining the Picture Book

Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels. They are sold readily at bookstores that also sell American comics. Manga is read opposite of the way we read American comics, many first time readers find it confusing. These Japanese comics might be stylized and read differently due to the way japan reads and writes but there is… Read more →

Connection of Style and Story

From artist to artist, there have always been stylistic differences in art and literature. Of course different artists have different abilities and styles, but how they use a particular style becomes prevalent in regards to the story they tell. The medium of Graphic Novels is an example of this, as artists/writers not only control the actions of a story through… Read more →

What graphic novel are you reading?

One question that I was extremely interested about finding more about was the difference between the Westernized  comic book, opposed to the Japenese Manga. When I first approached this I was thinking to myself that they are both graphic novels that tell a story through text and pictures. If they were the same thing though then there would be one… Read more →