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Japanese Manga and Anime influence on American culture vs. American comic influence on Japanese culture

When walking into a library in America, one can look through the comics section and find American comics as well as a very wide range of manga. Manga and anime have had a great influence on American culture and the media that we produce. American comics have also had a influence on Japanese comics and culture. I argue that Japanese… Read more →

Tale of Two Cities

It was middle school when I first started reading manga, but watching anime did not come until college and the subscription to Netflix, because sometimes good English dubs are hard to find. Even though I had been reading Manga for years at this point I had not read anything as intense or graphic as Akira. I guess to some people… Read more →

Rice Ball in the Produce Aisle

Manga the Japanese style of graphic novel has become a big sensation in the United States, but where is a beginning reader to start? Some manga can be graphic and intense in a variety of ways. For someone who wants a little of everything, love, drama, fighting, ancient prophecy, animals, Fruits Baskets is the starting place to begin.    … Read more →

アート(Bijutsu) to Art: Manga Scanlation in America

Like many other fans of manga, I read many manga series online as well as buying the books themselves when they are (finally) released officially in America. Oftentimes the “official” translation and the “scanlation” differ greatly, resulting in a great difference of quality and accuracy in translation and image overall and are hilarious. Many blogs have discussed the legal relationship… Read more →