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This week in class we have been discussing What is it by Lynda Barry. An apply named title for this piece of work. I have yet to figure out what it is exactly. A graphic novel, a literary art piece, a collage of ideas, or a Rorschach-esqe journal. Perhaps even some kind of Hodge podge combination of several. With my… Read more →

How To Be Creative

A lot of our focus lately, thanks to Lynda Barry’s What It Is, is centered around creativity and the creative process. I personally find this topic to  be endlessly interesting and found Barry’s approach to not only be fascinating and perplexing but also immensely helpful. Barry’s book reminds me of another book I had to read for a creative writing… Read more →

What It Is: A Not So Magical Marker

While we were discussing Lynda Barry’s book What It Is, our discussion turned to when we stopped drawing. As I listened to others tell their story, I began thinking of my own; however, I did not share it during class because it I did not think that I could do it justice. Every Saturday morning, I watched the cartoon Fat… Read more →