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Japanese Manga and Anime influence on American culture vs. American comic influence on Japanese culture

When walking into a library in America, one can look through the comics section and find American comics as well as a very wide range of manga. Manga and anime have had a great influence on American culture and the media that we produce. American comics have also had a influence on Japanese comics and culture. I argue that Japanese… Read more →

Too gory for Japan?

You sit in front of you television with your controller in hand, palms sweaty. You knew this moment was coming—a character is about to die. The blade inches closer and closer to the characters abdomen and you are already cringing but you can’t look away. The spinning blade is seconds away from cutting into flesh when—the screen goes black.

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Super Hero Time

I have noted a difference between American comic book superheroes and Japanese tokusatsu superheroes. Tokusatsu is a term for live action with special effects, like in the Godzilla movies. Not only is there a difference in the form of media, there is a difference in the way they are presented. In the United States, we have superheroes from DC and… Read more →

The Hair Makes the Character

The manga art style is known for being highly stylized and unique. One could discuss for hours about any number of drawing techniques that is used by this highly inventive medium. However one physical feature stands above the rest, being the most stylized and detailed in both manga and anime characters alike, that being the crazily unique hair styles. Manga/anime… Read more →

Scanlators: Robin Hoods of fandom

The growth of the manga industry has lead to a rather interesting trend, in the efforts to spread their favorite works to as many people possible the most die-hard and loyal fans have taken upon the roles of scanlators (scanner/translator). To give a more precise definition, a scanlator is an individual or more commonly an entire group of people who… Read more →