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Art in the Digital Age

Internet based media- from art or poetry to web-comics and other developing forms- has definitely become a huge phenomenon in recent years. I wanted to open up a discussion about the importance of these kinds of publishing platforms because we’re going to be reading Emily Carroll’s “Through the Woods” soon.  Carroll originally gained some recognition when her comic “His Face… Read more →

Enrichment of Illustrated Emotion

Visual expressions of emotion are a large contextual component in most graphic novels. If we were to rely solely on dialogue and narration with expressionless characters, the tone of the story would drastically shift. We may generally consider the depiction of emotions to be a simple task of manipulating the shape of or space between facial features. However, it’s interesting to note that there… Read more →

Defining the Picture Book

Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels. They are sold readily at bookstores that also sell American comics. Manga is read opposite of the way we read American comics, many first time readers find it confusing. These Japanese comics might be stylized and read differently due to the way japan reads and writes but there is… Read more →