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Un-framed Potential: Persepolis

Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi is a graphic novel that follows Satrapi’s life as a child growing up during the Iranian war.   The majority of the book is drawn in standard rectangle panels with gutters between them. Any deviation in this pattern calls attention to the speed or intention of the lack of frame.   These particular pages are an… Read more →

The Gutter in The Secret of Kells

In previous blog posts, other members of our community  have written about ways that film and comics have become intertwined, either through adaptations of comics, or comic adaptations of movies. There has been a few mentions of how the comic environment has been recreated in movies, and one such part of the comic that I would like to focus on… Read more →

Non Sequitir

What immediately caught my attention about this particular comic is that it is titled Non Sequitir, and we had just discussed this topic from the Mitchell text in the past week of classes. The term was used in class to describe the transition from panel to panel, and it expresses that the relation between two different panels is unrelated and… Read more →