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Connection of Style and Story

From artist to artist, there have always been stylistic differences in art and literature. Of course different artists have different abilities and styles, but how they use a particular style becomes prevalent in regards to the story they tell. The medium of Graphic Novels is an example of this, as artists/writers not only control the actions of a story through… Read more →

Private vs. Public in Die Stadt

There were many different interesting points posed in our discussion in class about Die Stadt by Frans Masereel. Many people have brought up the treatment of women within the city, what the city does to the people within it and if the city could be a graphic novel if it doesn’t contain words. I think the city tells an interesting… Read more →

Graphic Novels: Revolutionizing the Classroom

When I think about the controversy that surrounds the teaching of graphic novels, I wonder why people are so against using them as a medium. I get that it is exposing students to the “trivial” situations that happen in our everyday lives and sure, we don’t need to be teaching elementary students the dangers of adultery, violence, and the overall… Read more →

History Courses should use Graphic Novels as their “required” Textbooks

History is a fascinating and interesting topic. Students learn about the developments of their own countries, the cultures that have come about, the inventions that we see today, the understanding of our civilizations, and the wars that seem to never end. While history can teach us all of that and more, there are a few limitations. History is taught differently… Read more →

Read Between the Lines

On Thursday we discussed Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, in particular the role lettering plays in comics. As a form of literature comics project meaning very differently than a novel or an essay. The most glaring difference is the visual reference that makes up a substantial part of the actual storytelling. While the words are important, there are far fewer words… Read more →

Asterios Polyp, Or How The Ending Made Me Angry

  Despite what the title of this reflection may say, I do not hate Asterios Polyp overall. I found the art style and the themes interesting, got a kick out of the references to Greek/Roman mythology and the duality themes, and I found nearly all of the characters interesting to follow (despite the rather little development they undergo as characters; only Asterios… Read more →

Absent Color Full of Light

As I mentioned in my first blog post, my experience with comics is not very complex. So in thinking about how I would like to broaden my knowledge on “The Graphic Novel” I decided to look to the East. My sister is in love with Manga, but I have next to no knowledge on this genre, so I thought I… Read more →