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Connection of Style and Story

From artist to artist, there have always been stylistic differences in art and literature. Of course different artists have different abilities and styles, but how they use a particular style becomes prevalent in regards to the story they tell. The medium of Graphic Novels is an example of this, as artists/writers not only control the actions of a story through… Read more →

Reflection 2: Jon’s Optimism

This week, finishing the last chapters of Watchmen was rather difficult for me. I think Watchmen was interesting in the beginning but, as the chapters went on too many different plots sprung up, to easily keep up with the plot. I was also rather frustrated with the jumping back and forth between time lines. I realize this kind of illustration… Read more →

How Hard is it to Say, Spoiler Alert?!

I don’t want to say Watchmen was ruined for me, but my enjoyment was hindered due to someone spoiling a major/minor part of the graphic novel. I understand the comic came out in 1986 – 1987 and the movie came out in March of 2009. So, in the Spoiler’s defense maybe I should have read the comic or seen the movie… Read more →

Reflection: Symmetry

In our discussion on Friday, we talked a lot about the role of symmetry throughout the text. I wanted to extend the conversation on it because I am still not sure what exactly Moore’s intentions are with the reoccurring theme. At first glance I saw it as simply an artistic element that just enhanced the images in the text. But… Read more →


  At first glance of the original comic (the left one) it is clearly showing relationship abuse as “young romance”. Not only is the original image called violence “romance” but it also claims that these are “true encounters” with love. I choose this comic because of the misrepresentation of romance and love. Also, our society seems to highlight and accept… Read more →

Picture Book vs. Graphic Novel

I remember when I first learned to read avidly pulling down from every library shelf an assortment of Dr.Seuss books, equally excited over both the stories and the pictures. While books like Watchmen and Fun Home may be a far cry from those more innocent stories, there are some similarities. Namely, both sets of books follow a narrative with the… Read more →

Time and Space

In recent discussions throughout class we have talked about all the elements of a graphic novel including color, animation, characters, and text. While doing some further research into the aspects of graphic novels I came across an academic paper about the fourth dimension that pulled me and I wanted to expand on this idea. One of the most important concepts… Read more →

Reflection on the Metaphor in Comic Art

In Eisner’s The Street Singer, the reader is shown a seemingly homeless man singing in the alleyways for money. The graphics start off with harsh lines, deep shadows and the narration winds its way through the comic. The written words are place within the pictures, sometimes centered and sometimes overlapping with the drawings. In the story, the beggar is given… Read more →