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Who Watches the Watchmen?

Doctor Manhattan actually.   This is the second time I’ve read Watchmen, and as I’m reading I find more and more to look at and absorb. It’s a vastly complicated universe, and terrifying in its representation of humanity (but I still think it’s pretentious). In this reading, however, I have found more time to observe and mull over Doctor Manhattan.… Read more →

A Contract With Relgion

This past week, our class has been dealing with Will Eisner’s A Contract with God and how its role as the first “graphic novel” by name changed literature. We dealt with character development, whether good or evil can be seen in certain characters, and the artistic direction and effort made by Eisner to showcase his thoughts and visualization of the Bronx and… Read more →

A Recycling Contract?

I sort of expected that the main character of A Contract With God wouldn’t have been rewarded for doing too little of a good thing a little too late, but what I didn’t expect was the short comic added on at the end of a young boy finding the contract and signing it himself, hence restarting the plot of the story in… Read more →

Between the Devil and God

Will Eisner’s graphic novel A Contract with God, is named for the first story in the book and is about just that: a man named Frimme Hersh making a contract with god. Unfortunately as the story progresses Hersh feels that god has violated their contract and so  forsaken, he decides to shed his pious and goodhearted-nature in favor of a more… Read more →

Eisner’s Eyes

One of the most striking characteristics in Eisner’s A Contract with God  is the intensity Eisner draws in the eyes. Frimme Hersh’s eyes are downcast as he comes home from his daughter’s funeral and it is not until Frimme accuses God of not following their contract that we see his eyes. And man, are they creepy! Throughout Eisner’s works in… Read more →