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Self-Discovery in Fun Home

I actually first discovered Fun Home last Spring, when a Broadway-obsessed friend showed me a clip from the Tony Awards in which cast members of the musical version of the book sang the song Ring of Keys, in which a young Allison Bechdel has a moment of self-discovery upon seeing a butch woman for the first time, desiring the freedom to act… Read more →

Is This Really Just Black and White?

While reflecting on our class discussion of The City  I know we touched briefly on the theme of violence/exploitation towards women, more specifically, the female body. Although we did not go into much detail or discussion about it, this topic does need more attention. It is fair enough to say that the violence against women is depicted through the text,… Read more →

The Gender Formula

A common theme I keep on coming back to is gender roles in comic culture. My research paper was on the portrayal of women in comic culture and how they are used as sex objects. But there is another side of the coin, the male superhero. Women are drawn and made to be used by the men in their comic… Read more →

Watching Asterios

The two major graphic novels that we’ve read this semester are Watchmen and Asterios Polyp (I’m not counting What It Is because we used it more as a tool for fostering creativity than a novel to analyze). While both of these novels are amazing in their own right, only one of them was written as though the author has a grasp on human nature. I am… Read more →