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Picture Book vs. Graphic Novel

I remember when I first learned to read avidly pulling down from every library shelf an assortment of Dr.Seuss books, equally excited over both the stories and the pictures. While books like Watchmen and Fun Home may be a far cry from those more innocent stories, there are some similarities. Namely, both sets of books follow a narrative with the… Read more →

Fun Home and Zotero

Tuesdays class we talked about Fun Home through a political lens: Here, using Storify, I was able to collect the tweeets that I tweeted during class about the various topics that we discussed in class and what other students talked about. I was also able to go more in-depth with the discussion that we had by adding little notes above… Read more →

“Books with Gay Themes”

Given that this past week was a little disjointed in terms of the material we covered (comic theory and then our ¬†webcomics), I thought for my reflection entry I would look to the future and discuss the readings that we completed for this coming week. I was very intrigued by the NPR article “Books with Gay Themes Put S.C. Colleges’… Read more →