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Comics as a Medium

Unlike painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, comics aren’t necessarily made of any one material. They are more of a collage. Bill Kartalopoulos, the series editor for The Best American Comics, wrote that “comics represent a conceptual strategy that can embrace all kinds of artwork into its method.” One of the best examples of the collage style in comics, and the most literal, is What… Read more →

The Comic Auteur

In film studies, one popular concept is known as “auteur theory.” The auteur is classified as the film “artist,” and can be identified in a couple ways. First, the auteur must have a certain style that sets them apart from other directors/ auteurs. This can be seen through many different elements, such as color palette, lighting, use of the same… Read more →

Read Between the Lines

On Thursday we discussed Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, in particular the role lettering plays in comics. As a form of literature comics project meaning very differently than a novel or an essay. The most glaring difference is the visual reference that makes up a substantial part of the actual storytelling. While the words are important, there are far fewer words… Read more →

Comics and Film: The Popularity of the Dark Superhero

David Cronenberg, director of the loose graphic novel adaptation A History of Violence recently sounded off on his disapproval of the recent fanfare and critical acclaim for Christopher Nolan’s Batman film trilogy saying “I think it’s still Batman running around in a stupid cape, I just don’t think it’s elevated.” He went on further to say “A superhero movie, by… Read more →