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A New Kind of Authority

The Authority has a reputation for being experimental and breaking down many of the classic comic book tropes. It was first published in 1999 under Wildstorm who is owned by DC Comics. The Authority is most noted for having pro-feminist ideals, featuring one of the first openly gay superhero couples, and having a team of benevolent superheroes that eventually usurps… Read more →

No Girls Allowed: Can Comic Stores be Safe Spaces?

Within the pages of comics readers have happily noticed the positive shift towards inclusion and representation for women and minorities. Readers and publishers are beginning to pay attention to their audiences requests to be reflective of the world today through their characters and by the artists producing comics as well. So why are the venues where these representative comics are sold still set in the misogynist… Read more →

Bitch Planet on Earth: The Real-World Phenomenon of Non-Compliance

A self-proclaimed feminist comic, Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Bitch Planet began making waves from the release of its very first issue, with the cover sporting the question, “Are you woman enough to survive?” above the image of a woman with both middle fingers flung above her head.  The new series, produced by Image Comics, manages both to reflect and criticize old prison exploitation films, all the… Read more →

Take Back the Comics

Last Tuesday, in what was perhaps the most impassioned and content-driven conversations of our class thus far, we discussed the implications of a feminist reading of Watchmen and its characters.  Our discussion was civil and lively, with many students engaging the text critically in way that had been somewhat lacking up to that point.  It was a fruitful discussion that… Read more →

Ramsey Beyer Is Kicking Ass

When it comes to my personal knowledge of web comics, it’s limited to things like Cyanide and Happiness, Toothpaste for Dinner, and Married to the Sea. After concluding that attempting a substantive blog post around one of these comics was not what I wanted to do, I realized I needed to pick a direction. And as someone interested in gender… Read more →

Sexism in Watchmen?

                                              This is my first time reading Watchmen and and after having read through chapter 9 I’m still struggling to decide if Watchmen is sexist or not. So bare with me as I try to sort it all… Read more →

Stereotypical Manga Girls

I’ve read a fair amount of manga, generally Shōjo manga, which are targeted to girls age 11 – 18. Some themes that are focused on are: school romance, magical girl, and historical romance. For this blog post, I will focus on school romance in order to narrow things down. What I’ve noticed is that the main girls shown in these… Read more →