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Behind The Scenes

When we as comic readers read comics, we don’t realize all of the effort that goes into getting the comic published. Since we have been granted the opportunity to create our own web comic I have been able to understand the process. I am the web manager, so I am in charge of posting the comic online and I am… Read more →


For a long time video games have had a negative stigma. They have been viewed as “childish” and something you shouldn’t base a career around. Furthermore most people would most likely say that video games are not a sport. This is actually a complete lie. During the 2014 championship the game  League of Legends generated 27 million viewers. The point… Read more →

Native American Representation

As many of our American history classes have done, Martyr of Christ misrepresents the relationship between Native Americans in Canada and the people they come in contact with. Before I delve in to explaining my findings in this comic, I would like to point out there that there is some truth to the comic. There is a saint, Saint Isaac… Read more →

The Trouble with Omnipotent Characters

  Graphic novels often feature protagonists and other characters capable of performing godlike feats beyond human comprehension. While these characters are certainly impressive to behold, they can also cause a graphic novel to succumb to certain narrative pitfalls. After all, if a character is all-powerful and cannot be defeated how can there be any sense of urgency to the story?… Read more →

What graphic novel are you reading?

One question that I was extremely interested about finding more about was the difference between the Westernized  comic book, opposed to the Japenese Manga. When I first approached this I was thinking to myself that they are both graphic novels that tell a story through text and pictures. If they were the same thing though then there would be one… Read more →

Slippery Slope

Slippery slope is defined as, “An idea or course of action which will lead to something unacceptable, wrong, or disastrous.” I believe that the stories The Street Singer and The Super in Will Eisner’s A Contract With God are great examples of what a slippery slope is. It’s not only the fact that both of these stories portray a slippery… Read more →

Reflection: Symmetry

In our discussion on Friday, we talked a lot about the role of symmetry throughout the text. I wanted to extend the conversation on it because I am still not sure what exactly Moore’s intentions are with the reoccurring theme. At first glance I saw it as simply an artistic element that just enhanced the images in the text. But… Read more →


  At first glance of the original comic (the left one) it is clearly showing relationship abuse as “young romance”. Not only is the original image called violence “romance” but it also claims that these are “true encounters” with love. I choose this comic because of the misrepresentation of romance and love. Also, our society seems to highlight and accept… Read more →

Alice’s Plot Twist

In current times, the phrase “Plot Twist” is used in a way that doesn’t really fulfill its meaning. When one thinks of how it is used, it is evident that people throw the phrase around loosely. In a joking manner one would say, “Plot twist, the mom turns out to be the aunt as well.” The phrase is most commonly… Read more →

Reflection Will Eisner’s Readings

One popular misconception that is held is that graphic novels are “childish” and things among that nature. We did read some pretty adult themed graphic novels so far but after reading “A contract with god” that misconception was put to the grave forever. I think it helps the overall idea of a graphic novel by reinforcing storytelling with pictures and… Read more →