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Who’s Banning the Watchmen? : Teaching Watchmen in High Schools

Banned books are commonly discussed in schools across America in many different ways. Some schools read ‘banned’ books and discuss the controversy surrounding that book, and other schools discuss the next book they want to ban. However, when one talks about banned books, one probably does not think about a ban on graphic novels being taught. At least in my… Read more →

Now Kids, Pull Out Your Comics!

  My friend, who is a middle school English teacher, sent me a link to an article from The National Council of Teachers of English that discusses the advantages of using comics and graphic novels in the classroom entitled “Using Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom” ( I know—it’s a pretty straightforward title). Although the article is geared toward… Read more →

More Than a Pretty Picture

It probably goes without saying that graphic novels are under-appreciated in academia, but graphic novels are also a vast untapped resource for the educational community. Many of the “Great Classics” taught at a high school level struggle to hold student attention, or even worse, students have a difficult time even comprehending what these novels and stories are about. Graphic novels often… Read more →

Graphic Novels in the Classroom

In the world of public education, the graphic novel has become increasingly popular with librarians and teachers.  In their transition into the mainstream, graphic novels have seen themselves becoming more and more implemented in classrooms, whether it be through formal lesson plans, extra reading material, etc. They provide a variety of topics and are suitable for all students K-12. The novelty of… Read more →

The U.S. Constitution: A Graphic Novel

I, like many American high schoolers, took AP U.S. Government. I don’t know about people at other high schools, but our required summer reading was the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Have you ever tried to actually read the Constitution? If you haven’t and you want to, you can do so here but it’s pretty dry stuff.… Read more →

Debunking Comics: Graphic Novels within the Classroom

We just finished reading A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel in class, and some interesting questions were brought up. What role do comic books have in relationship to children? Can they be educational? And how are they supposed to help students become better readers? Well, these questions are actually being asked by plenty of educators, and – fear not… Read more →