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Creating Our Social Butterfly

As many readers of this site and fellow students of the class know, for the past week we have been creating and uploading our own webcomics to Mary Washicomics (link at the end of this reflection). This process has been really entertaining, interesting, and really enjoyable from a work stand point and also from a creative standpoint. I have mentioned… Read more →

What It Is?…Or What It Isn’t?

This past week our class discussed What It Is? by Lynda Berry and did the first two activities in the book to start some great class discussions. These activities although different and unique, as they go into detail on learning how to write and draw comics, really provoked not only great conversations in class but some really interesting personal thoughts. The one… Read more →

So you’re thinking about making a comic?

Through working on the webcomic project assigned in class, I began thinking about the different order in which comics are written/drawn and whether working with a group or individually would be a better creative process. Writing first then drawing: This is what my group has decided on doing for the next few weeks while we create our webcomic, and it… Read more →

The Hair Makes the Character

The manga art style is known for being highly stylized and unique. One could discuss for hours about any number of drawing techniques that is used by this highly inventive medium. However one physical feature stands above the rest, being the most stylized and detailed in both manga and anime characters alike, that being the crazily unique hair styles. Manga/anime… Read more →

Beefcakes vs. Bishounen: A Comparison of Comic Book and Manga Male Characters

Having thumbed through comics books and graphic novels in the bookstores over the years, I’ve noticed something about them: Every leading male character has the sculpted look to them, with muscles larger than life and virtually every ounce of fat sucked out. Their jaws are always chiseled  their biceps are always bulging, and they always have buns of steel.   And… Read more →

A Tool for Artists

If you’re thinking about drawing comics, a tool you might want to check out is Pose Maniacs. On the Pose Maniacs website you can browse through hundreds of 3D figure poses for free. Many of the poses are also depicted from several different angles, and you can change your view of the figure once you have selected a pose by… Read more →

Awkward Action Poses

Typically when people think of superhero comics, they think of action-packed fight scenes and daring rescues. What most people don’t think of, or at least what I didn’t think of until very recently, is the challenge comic artists face in making a static image on a flat surface appear dynamic. Some of that work will be done by the reader’s… Read more →