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Do You Really Need to Guide My View?

Digital comics have become a very convenient source for people to consume comics in a more cost effective way as well as environmentally friendly manner. Consumers have every comic at the touch of their fingertips in one seemingly endless space.  What many readers haven’t considered is how digital comics shape not only how we read the text, but how we interpret the… Read more →

2000 AD: The Real House of Ideas

Think about some of your favorite comics writers and artists: Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland, Simon Bisley. What do they have common besides being citizens of the UK? All of these comics creators cut their teeth writing for the British science fiction comics anthology 2000 AD. 2000 AD has come out every week since February 26, 1977 with a blend of eight… Read more →

Digital VS Print Comics

I personally am new to the comic world but this class has truly made me very curious to learn more. As we discuss digital comics and begin to construct our very own webcomics, I was intrigued by the differences between digital and print comics. Technology has taken over this world, you can do almost anything from your very own phone… Read more →

The Rise of the Webcomic

NOTE: Just assume these links are nsfw, independent publications mean less “decency standards” (scare quotes aaah) and more jokes that responsible adults would frown at you for telling in front of small children. There is a perennial discussion of whether or not print comics are dying, which factions taking turns saying yes they are and no they’re not . I am… Read more →