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Disassembly : T-Rex Punch

“El Capitan Jupiter” is a Spanish-language comic from 1966. In this installment he seems to have been transported back in time, and must do battle with the king of the dinosaurs, the terrible T-Rex himself! As we see above, the good captain is usually clad in bright red and yellow, while the prehistoric surroundings are rendered in more muted earth… Read more →

Watchmen Shouldn’t Be the Only Superhero Comic in the Syllabus

Watchmen isn’t the last word on the superhero genre. Neither is The Dark Knight Returns. Superhero comics aren’t just places for gritty “realism”, anti-heroes, and moral compasses damaged beyond repair. They can be full of wonder, optimism, and act as an escape from a world that is becoming full of darkness and evil without insulting readers’ intelligence. So if you’re tired of election ads or the 24 hour news cycle, here are some superhero comics that are… Read more →