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Of the Unsung Shining Knight

Way back in March of 2013, a news story hit about DC Comics outing their first transgender character within the pages of Batgirl. Said character was Alysia Yoeh, a bisexual transwoman of color, who happened to be Batgirl’s roommate. This was done by then Batgirl writer, Gail Simone as an effort to create more visible members of gender, romantic, and… Read more →

Obadiah Oldbuck, The Picaresque, and Harley Quinn

In recent years, The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck has overtaken The Yellow Kid as the first American comic book. It was originally published in Switzerland in the 1820s by Rodolphe Topffer and translated into English and published in the United States in 1842. Some might even consider it a “graphic novel” as it contains a sequential story about the misadventures of the titular protagonist… Read more →

Trans* characters in comics

KWilsher posted a lengthy post about the history of homosexuality in the comic world. After this post, DC comics introduced its a transgender character in Batgirl #19   The writer of Batgirl, Gail Simone,  attributed the inspiration for the character to a conversation she had with fellow comic book writer who said a real sign of change would be for a gay male… Read more →

The Fantasies of DC and Marvel

  In this blog, I will explain the main differences I see in both the DC and Marvel Universes. The main difference I see with the two universes is that the DC universes seems to have more of a “traditional” fantasy to it. While on the other hand, Marvel’s universe also has fantasy in it but is a lot more… Read more →

When There’s Trouble You Know Who To Call

While I was thinking about what my next blog was going to be about, I began to daydream about my relationship to the comic world. I thought about the comics I’ve read and some of their TV shows, the one comic turned TV show I watched religiously was DC Comic’s Teen Titans which aired on Cartoon Network. Before the animated… Read more →

Loves of Listless Long Lives

Reading through both Watchmen and the Sandman series, I noticed a peculiar fact. The characters that are essentially immortal for the most part seem to have horrible love lives. Is it because of their powers and responsibilities, or is it something else? I’m going to focus on four characters between these two series. First off, there’s Element Girl, a minor… Read more →

Batman Villains and Mental Illness

Batman’s home city of Gotham canonically contains a high-security prison. Many dangerous criminals have been incarcerated in Blackgate Penitentiary thanks to Batman’s crime-fighting, and various storylines (most recently the film The Dark Knight Rises) have involved those inmates breaking out to wreak havoc on the city. Another Gotham institution, however, features in more breakout storylines than Blackgate, and is much more well-known… Read more →

Hero or Villain?

Some heroes and villains, like Batman and Joker, are easy to tell which side they’re on. But there are those in the comic book world who aren’t as easily classified. General Thunderbolt Ross of Marvel Comics is a member of the United States military, constantly hunting the Hulk. Despite not being seen as a criminal, he was named IGN’s 71st… Read more →