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When Creating a Comic…

When looking to begin the creation of a comic book, many people don’t know where to look for the basics. Scott McCloud authored abook called Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art in order to help those looking to make their own comic books, delving into what makes them a unique medium. McCloud goes through the beginning of how to not only draw,… Read more →

2000 AD: The Real House of Ideas

Think about some of your favorite comics writers and artists: Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland, Simon Bisley. What do they have common besides being citizens of the UK? All of these comics creators cut their teeth writing for the British science fiction comics anthology 2000 AD. 2000 AD has come out every week since February 26, 1977 with a blend of eight… Read more →

Watchmen and the Never Ending Nature of Superhero Stories

A reason that superhero comics stories can be hard to get into are their long running nature. For example, if you’re a Superman fan and want to get into his comics, where do you start? Do you begin with Action Comics #1 from DC Comics’ recent New 52 reboot or Superman #1 or Superman Unchained from the same reboot? Or do you go further back and start with Grant Morrison and Frank… Read more →