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Going Behind the Page

  Some people could look at a graphic novel, comic book, or web comic and can think that seems easy enough to do. Create some characters, draw some background and some action. Add in some dialogue, maybe a little narration, a story plot and you have a graphic novel or web comic. Sounds and seems easy, right? However it is… Read more →

What are thoughts?

On more than one occasion while reading Lynda Barry’s graphic novel “What it is” I’ve tried to pause and think about what it is exactly that unsettles me about her creative style throughout the book.  In the beginning it took a few pages in for me to shake the feeling that I was  falling down a rabbit hole. There seemed to… Read more →

Is Doodling What It Is?

Tapping into your imagination and putting it to use is a task that is not easy for everyone. Well at least not for me. Walking into the classroom last week and getting the instruction to doodle on a piece of paper might have been one of the most interesting and fascinating ways I’ve ever had to put my imagination to… Read more →

The Complexity of What It Is

When I first started reading Lynda Barry’s “What It Is”, I was confused. It was so different to the other books we have read in class and it felt like a scrapbook with no solid point. After reading through it, one theme stuck out to me. Throughout the novel, Lynda Barry asks questions that focus on perspective and images. We… Read more →

Connecting with Creativity

Would you consider yourself a creative individual? It can be difficult to exercise creativity when faced with the stress that comes with daily routine and obligations. However, Emily Humberson mentioned in a reflection post that “creativity encourages the ability to think in innovative and original ways- which is absolutely crucial to being successful both in academia and ‘the real world.’” It seems that being creative is beneficial,… Read more →

Finishing a Comic

With the closing of the group web comic I have some final thoughts, that I did not share in my final reflection. As an overall project I felt I found a new appreciation for the time, effort, and creativity in making a comic. Just like any good story there needs to be careful consideration in the characters; how they behave,… Read more →

How To Be Creative

A lot of our focus lately, thanks to Lynda Barry’s What It Is, is centered around creativity and the creative process. I personally find this topic to  be endlessly interesting and found Barry’s approach to not only be fascinating and perplexing but also immensely helpful. Barry’s book reminds me of another book I had to read for a creative writing… Read more →

Workout for Creativity

This past week our class has started to work on our web comics. I figured for this week’s reflection I would write about my experience with the process thus far because it is something very new to me. Thinking back on my life, I do not believe I have ever written a comic, and if I have, it would have… Read more →