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How Lose is Loosely Based?

  I happened to stumble across the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service this past summer. I enjoyed the movie, the action sequences were well done, it had some great moments of humor, and by the time I landed I was so excited to tell my friends about it. After telling one of my friends about the film, they immediately asked if I… Read more →

All About That: Purity and Good Housekeeping

After World War II America was facing many social challenges still on the home front. An out cry that the youth delinquency would be the down fall of American society equal to Communism and Nuclear War. The youth culture was drastically different then that of their parents. Boys who left as soldiers came home as men, and men want wives.… Read more →

A Panel Always Needs a Frame

In this week’s reflection, I am going to talk about the class in which we discussed framing. I thought this was so interesting because it shows how much there is to discuss about the Graphic Novel genre. In taking this class I have realized that there are so much more to comics than I ever knew and looking in detail… Read more →

Oh The Things You Will Learn…

Like some of the other bloggers have said lately, I was extremely unsure of how I would feel about this class.  I had never read a comic book in my life. I had never really looked at them and thought, “Hmm…I should check this out”.  But through this class I have developed an interest with them and I will continue… Read more →

Another ‘Swallow Me Whole’ Theory

In response to Kate’s theory post, I have done some research on death among schizophrenics. From what I found, early death is very common among people diagnosed with schizophrenia. There were many speculations in the class over how Ruth may have died. Kate’s theory is suicide, and while she may be right (she makes many valid points, and there is… Read more →

Controversy with “A Wrinkle in Time”

   I had never personally read “A Wrinkle in Time” in my childhood, but I was certainly missing out. This book was very interesting (even though the age groups recommended was 9-14) and it had a lot of hidden meanings and morals throughout that I probably would have missed as a child anyway. One thing that caught my eye was… Read more →

My Top Five of Ridiculous Comic Crossovers

Comic crossovers are not usual, but sometimes the comic industry takes it too far. I will admit I do enjoy reading crossovers with DC and Marvel superheroes working together or fighting each other. There are a couple ridiculous crossovers that are not limited to literary characters, real people, or mascots. I have five examples of these listed:   5. Charles… Read more →